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Welcome to the STORM 

OATH TO AMERICA - Produced in January 2021  
(The Great Awakening into the Storm - updating to new version of our website, thank you for your patience)

Major shifts to the perception of "reality" are happening at a rapid pace. 

Since 2004, has been a dream and vision of an Emmy Award winning filmmaker's journey. For several decades he worked behind the curtain of media messaging and politics, developing strategies and "programming" to influence audiences.  At the height of his career, his company ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in Arkansas, he walked away from it all, moved to Sedona Arizona and began a new personal journey, a spiritual journey of personal awakening and "connection".

What you will experience on AwakenTV is a confluence of many experiences, teachers, ancestral wisdom carriers, podcasters and alternative media sources  ... and more, who are Called to be in service to humanity.


The year is 2022, and those who have been called, awakened along the way, know the world  has arrived to this long anticipated timeline,  intto THE STORM of The Great Awakening.   What many prophecies told us was coming, from the Bible to the end of the Mayan Calendar, is here.  We are witnessing is the  "unveiling", (the actual definition of the word Apocalypse),  and this is helping to bring awareness to humanity to what has been in place for thousands of years.  We all are moving beyond the constructs of a "Matrix" type illusion of controlled life.

We are witnessing many paradigms collapsing before our eyes.   What is going to replace them? Do we create a desired destiny or do we submit to a very dark fate, to "their Great Reset" into global slavery?


 How do we help each other navigate through this unprecedented Event?


 There is no stopping what is coming.  We must equip ourselves with the Tools to help each us and those around us to be empowered on this journey. website is being updated site, "The Storm" and "The Great Awakening".   Our goal is to launch new content in an effort to help unite and inspire as many people as possible, as we navigate through these events. 

This will not be easy.  But the more you Know, the more you will be prepared emotionally, cognitively and spiritually to make it to the other side of this journey.

Buckle up.

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