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Meet Poe: The man behind "AwakenTV", a four decade career behind the media curtain

After decades of owning my own film/TV production company, marketing high profile / high profit corporations, creating nationally televised documentaries and promoting hundreds of political campaigns and promotional films for people like Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee...  having received an Emmy, Telly - Christopher - Best of Show Addy and hundreds of other awards... I started to "wake up".

Most of us folks, including myself... have been living the LIE.

Our advertising media conditions us to buy something outside of ourselves to be complete or accepted.  Our political system feeds us "scripted" hot buttons of promises seldom kept.  Our religions often remove the connection between man and God, and hold God hostage and only accessible through the doors of "their" profit driven church.  The global financial and government cartel/deep state keeps us in slavery.  The pharma controlled medical system is more about keeping customers than providing a cure... the main stream media (90%  of which is owned only by six organizations) is brainwashing us with THE LIE... and yet we are FREE PEOPLE with FREE WILL?   Seriously, stop the BS!

My personal "awakening" was to escape this mind/behavior control imposed upon the human race and seek the TRUTH and then find examples of "what do we want instead?".  

MY QUESTION TO YOU - Do you want it back?  If so, THE TIME IS NOW, big time!

Back in 2004, I purchased the domain, not sure what I was to do with it, however, I knew one day it would make senses. Now I know, the time is now, stay tuned.

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