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 It's Called the "Movisical"


The Storm is UPON US - A Spiritual War against Good and Evil 





Major shifts to our perception of "reality" is escalating in every part of our life. This is a war for your consciousness.  

The 12-21-2012 date represented a significant historical and biblical event. This date was known and shared through hundreds of prophecies including the end of the Mayan Calendar.   However, the Mayan's referred this chapter in humanity as "Year Zero", not an ending but rather a beginning. 


 The often used term, when you look up the definition,  "Apocalypse" you will read that it means the "Lifting of the Veil".  So, here we are.  And what is on the other side of this veil?  Everyone will see it, experience it and we already are in the midst of this Shift.

Terms like Cognitive Dissonance, Mass Formation Psychosis, The New World Order and the Matrix represent just a few terms of what everyone on earth is experiencing now.  We are at the precipice of the end of a mass illusion.


 Welcome to knowing you are here for a reason and at amazing time with an opportunity to create a new destiny, breaking free from the thousands of years of a controlled "fate".  People are waking up and witnessing a globalist plan in the form of "The Great Reset".  Klaus Swab, the World Economic Forum global banking systems and many more so called "elites" are at the poker table in a last poker hand for all of humanity. It's Casino Royal for all of us. 

So, Buckle up.  Stand up.  Pick your Lane to be the difference you want to see in thew world. Become part of the solution, stand up and take the first step, of helping break humanity free.  



Since 2004, has been a dream and vision of an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker's journey. For several decades SkipThomas worked behind the curtain of national media messaging in exposing corruption, commercial marketing for many Fortune 500 companies and many names you'd recognize in politics.  Those familiar with his projects know he has a gift for developing effective, solution driven strategies and a unique ability to influence the heart, mind and soul of his audiences.


  At the height of his career, Arkansas Business Magazine ranked his company as one top five fastest growing companies in Arkansas. He was featured on the magazine cover of American Express "Your Company" with seven day work week as clients lined up at his company's door.


At that point, something life changing happened and he walk away from it all and moved to Sedona, Arizona.  Why give up all of that, move to a place where no one knew him?  He had no prospects for rebuilding another successful media and film business?

The answer will become obvious, and hopefully related to each of you.  After watching and reading what is his vision of a destiny of "what do we want instead?", our hope is this channel will inspire you to commit to continue on your own personal, spiritual journey.  


This mass "awakening" is happening all around us and around the world.

The year 2022 is coming to a close and to a dramatic climax.

We have arrived to this long anticipated timeline and THE STORM of The Great Awakening is upon us.   

So join us by adding your email to our community of as we are populating this channel with tons of new inspiring and educational content.


This will not be easy, but together we can and will navigate through these current and coming events and help each other get to what is on the other side of this "veil".


Join us, today.  

The Great Awakening - Humanity's Plan
Globalist Plan - The GREAT RESET
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