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We've created Hearts of Wisdom, (HOW), a sacred space to openly talk about true authentic selves. HOW to develop that and HOW to find that within. Their journey of life, having similar experiences brought them, to an inner wisdom, an inner spark and love within that we all are seeking. We all long to love and be loved. Knowing authentic love starts with yourself, loving the perfectly, imperfect You. Only then can Love be expressed outwardly toward another. No matter the life's lessons, HOW difficult and painful the challenges, Holly and Poe did not give up, they chose to continue on the path and heal deep inner wounds that most humans carry. Through down to earth talks of how to live your most authentic self, HOW to love yourself and HOW to overcome all life’s challenges. Hearts of Wisdom is founded on heart centered energy which is the true wisdom we all hold within. Join us on this adventure, finding and nurturing your true authentic Self. You're here for a reason at this time!

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