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The VAX Causes the Virus to be more dangerous

UPDATE:  February 17, 2021

You are witnessing the final attempt by CCP and their captured  American Communist politicians, media and indoctrinated citizens to steal America.

For decades, America would not fall from external invasion, but rather, by infiltration, indoctrination  destroy our country, our values and to see all Americans submit to the New World Order.   America is having a "near death experience".  Buckle up.

The list of CENSORED VIDEOS that present the TRUTH should tell you w


Do you have ANY CLUE as to how big this WAR is? 

WATCH THEM BLOCK FREE SPEECH/TRUTH: What you may not Know about Donald John Trump... the EPIC Truth of a reality hidden by the corrupt fake media, education institutions and politicians.  This is the History that will be told one day.  This is the Q movement and what it represents for humanity.  TURN OFF THE MSM LIE BOX.

          Will put original video below on right                           Youtube blocks video on Right

Do you see how easy it was?   They worked for the CCP and released a virus, locked down the world, activated illegal voting, fake win (actual was 80% Trump votes) and now a fake inauguration and a strategic launch to round up Patriots.  WATCH BELOW SHORT VIDEOS!!!

What will bring the world, humanity together?

THIS ... 

2,200 kids in US every day, vanish...

if we do nothing, we enable it.  Then soon enough, it comes for you and your family. 

The Revolution will NOT be Televised

And so it begins... 1776 all over again.  Some are awake and KNOW how we got here, the STORM that has hit humanity.  Others are just beginning to awaken and many are holding on to a counterfeit reality that is an illusion that is breaking down.   

Citizen journalist, patriots and bold men and woman around the world are taking our world back from a corrupt elite globalist mafia.  Each in our own way is taking a stand, speaking out and saving the future for humanity for generations to come.

We you be a PATRIOT or a Traitor?

POE is one person, one view within one movement that has been in action for centuries.  It is a STORM NOW and we will be navigating this storm together.  

THE SITE is being REPURPOSED for the NEW MEDIA, for the QUANTUM INTERNET for the NEW AGE that is Biblical, presented in prophecies from cultures around the world.  This is an amazing time to live.  

Welcome to the GREAT AWAKENING!!!!

RELEASE the KRAKEN - Badge.png


God Wins!

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confused?  Communism .png
antifa takes DC Credit CNN.jpg

We are "a REPUBLIC if you can keep it". ~ Ben Franklin

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Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 3.32.43 PM.png
The same late night "vote spike" as the presidential election happened again. Here it is from yesterday's Senate Runoff. Trump called it again... 


- Poe launches new content

- DC Revolution "Patriots vs Traitors"

- Traitor Squads, RINOs, list, content... we are doxing them all

- LINKS to NEW MEDIA LEADERS, new platforms

- JFK and JFK Jr, new REVEALS

- LINKS and CLIPS of Citizen Journalists seeking Truth

- GITMO News

- "What do we want instead" Leaders, movements, programs "Amplifying Truth"

What is coming next, what is really happening?

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